November 16 Update: Must Read

Nordic's Response to Gov. Scott's Nov. 13 Covid Mandates.

November 16 Update: Must Read

Effective November 13th


With Gov. Scott’s “pause” on youth sports beginning with immediacy and lasting through Dec. 15, (though this is to be reviewed weekly), we have all been given time to take a deep breath, exhale and take stock of what lies ahead through Dec. 15.


The full text of the Gov.'s mitigation measures is posted on the website:


Here is what lies ahead for your Nordic player.  

  • Your head coach will be contacting your player’s team this week (they may have already) to talk about the layoff and the expectations for each player.  The idea here is for teams to stay connected with their teammates and their coaches in the short term.

  • Your head coach will be providing resources for your player to review/read/practice in the weeks we will not be together at NISC.

  • Spirit Campaigns: Expect to hear from your player about ‘Nordic Spirt Days’.  We’ll be promoting ideas like wearing a Nordic uniform on a specific day when they’re playing, running, out with the dog or shopping with the family.   For our older players it may include more serious outreach advocating to organizations committed to improving our community and our sport. 


Of course, much of the above will vary based on the age of your player. 

What you can also expect in the short term, however, is for your player (and parents) to be encouraged to embrace some ‘down time’.  With Thanksgiving just around the corner, holiday season thereafter, and almost 100% of our players coming off of a 6 month season between Nordic and their school seasons (or their Fall Nordic season), now is a good time to embrace this break and stay healthy.

In the grand scheme of time this will be brief and before we know it we’ll be back to practices, car pooling, and dodging pot holes at the tree farm/NISC. We want the players to be active, but we also encourage our members to use this time well; tend to family, get good sleep, eat dinner together! 

Nordic will continue to follow the lead of its governing body and will continue to work with VSA and the State of Vermont and keep you informed of any updates. 


We very much appreciate your assistance, patience, and support during this time.

One Club, One Community. 

Yours in Soccer,

Jim, Craig and the Nordic Team.