Indoor League Soccer Rules


All participants will follow the appropriate age guidelines for each group:

10 and Under, born after 1/1/2012

12 and Under, born after 1/1/2010

14 and Under, born after 1/1/2008

High School League, must be enrolled in High school or Middle school

Women’s League, participant must be in high school or older



All players are required to be on registered on the team roster.

Team Managers/Captains are required to entered Rosters on Official NISC forms.  We require participants’ names and date of birth.

Managers/Captains will be allowed to add players to their roster for the first three weeks of the season. 

Players are not allowed to multiple roster within the same age group. An exception will be made only if both coaches agree to a “guest” player prior to the match.  No guest players are allowed on playoff dates.    

Any violation of the rules stated above will result in a forfeit of that match. 


NISC Waiver:


All participants are required to have a waiver form on file with NISC prior to participating.  Mangers/Coaches will be emailed a link to distribute to their roster.  Minor’s waiver forms must be completed by their guardians. 


League Payment:

League payment must be made in full prior to a team’s first match.  Any violation of this policy will result in possible sanctions by the NISC management.  Preferred league fee payment is by credit card. 


Player Equipment:

Teams will be issued a match shirt upon registration.

Teams are required to wear the assigned match shirt.

The goalkeeper must wear a different colored jersey to distinguish them from his/her team.  Pinnies for goalkeepers will be allowed and will be supplied by NISC. 

In the event two teams have the same colored match shirt, the home team (listed first on the schedule) must wear the pinnies. 

Shin guards are mandatory and must be fully covered by socks.


Soccer Balls:

Game balls are provided by NISC. 

Soccer balls are not allowed to be used outside of the field netting. 



One referee will be assigned to each game. 

Referees are required to operate the scoreboard and keep record of the game. 

Referees shall record the game score and turn in game card to the league staff at the end of each match.

Referees will include any ejection on the game card.  Each score card will list any names of players ejected from the previous week.  Those players will not be allowed to participate in that match. 

Abuse of referees in any form, will not be tolerated at NISC.  Players or spectators in violation will be asked to leave the facility. 


Start of Play

A kickoff will start the game and restart the game after a goal is scored. 

Opening kickoff will be by the home team, and the second half will be started by the away team. 

Team will not change directions after halftime. 

Restart from stoppage of play because of injury will be from the closet point where the ball was when play was stopped.


Side out:

5v5 leagues will use an indirect kick in, the defensive player must be 5 yards away.

7v7 and 9v9 leagues will use throw in's.


Corner Kick:

When the ball crosses the endline having last been played by the defending team, a direct free kick will be awarded to the attacking team.  Defensive players must be 5 yards from the ball on the free kick. 


Goal Kicks:

When the ball crosses the endline and was last played by the attacking team, the defensive team will be awarded a goalkick.  The free kick will be taken from inside the goalkeeper box.  Balls played in the air, must touch a player or the floor prior to going over the midfield line.  A violation of this rules will result in a DIRECT free kick for the opposing team at midfield.  10 and Under players: are required to be on their half of the field during a goal kick.  They may move forward after a player from the opposing team has taken the goalkick. 


Penalty Kicks:

All player must remain above and outside of the goalkeeper box, except the shooter and the goalkeeper. 

The ball will be placed on the penalty kick dot. 


Handling the ball by Goalkeeper:

After a save the goalkeeper may throw, dropkick, or punt the ball.  The ball is required to touch a player or the floor prior to crossing the midfield line.  Any violation of this rule will result in a DIRECT free kick for the opponent at midfield.    After a save, the goalkeeper may place the ball on the floor and use their feet like a field player. If a keeper does this there is no midfield line restriction.  Goalkeepers are not allowed to pick the ball up, after they have deliberately played it to the floor.  Any violation of this rule will result in an INDIRECT free kick from the spot of the infraction. 



Unlimited substitution will be allowed on any deadball or during the run of play.

Any player may substitute for the goalkeeper as long as the referee is informed.  Goalkeepers are only allowed to be subbed for during a deadball situation. 


Too Many Players Violation:

If too many players enter the field of play, and have an impact on the game, the referee will award a DIRECT free kick from midfield. On the first offense, team benches will be given a verbal warning.  Any second offense team will be given a two-minute penalty and play a person down.  If a goal is scored during this time, the team will be allowed to return to full strength. 


Free kicks:

Direct free kicks and indirect free kicks

Defensive players must be five yards from the ball until the ball has been played by the attacking team. 



If the ball contacts the ceiling or any structure or item attached to the ceiling, a DIRECT free kick will be awarded from midfield. 



There will be NO offside penalty. 


Fouls and Misconduct:

Slide tackling-there is not slide tackling of any kind.  Violation of this rule will result in an INDIRECT free kick from the spot of the infraction. 

FIFA rules will apply.  Exceptions or “house rules” have been noted in this document.


Serious Misconduct:

If a referee or NISC employee feels that as serious misconduct has taken place during a game, or after a game, the player or coach will be issued a red card and a report will be filed with the NISC.  An advisory committee will meet to review the incident and may administer additional sanctions to the player or coach. 


League Standings:

Win = 3 points

Tie = 1 point

Forfeits count as a 5-0 win


League Tiebreakers for playoff seeding:

Goal Differential (maximum of plus 5 per match)

Most Goals Scored (maximum of plus 5 per match)

Fewest Goals Allowed

Flip a coin

League Games/Playoffs:

League play: games will be two twenty-five minute halves with running time


25 minute games, running time

If match remains tied at the conclusion of time, teams will go to penalty kicks 

5 penalty kickers, if still tied, each team will provide one kicker until the tie is broken.  A player may not take a second kick, until each player has attempted a kick.  When team A begins their kicker rotation over, Team B may do the same (even if they have participants who have not taken a kick yet). 

Arm Cast:

Arm cast are at the discretion of the referee.  They will be looking for the cast to be covered by a minimum of 1’ thick bubble wrap (or Foam).  Safety of all players will be the priority. 


Facility Rules:

Individuals using the NISC facility do so at their own risk. The property owners, leagues, operators, and staff of The Nordic Soccer Center and the Nordic Soccer Club assume no liability for injuries or accidents that may occur.  All participants are required to have a signed waiver form on file. 

Conduct within the NISC facility should be in the spirit of good sportsmanship as is on the field.  All play must be conducted as set forth in the “Rules” as outlined in this document.  The NISC reserves the right to refuse play and service to anyone. 

Please respect the property that you are visiting and adhere to all posted signs in the facility.  Kicking soccer balls outside of the playing field is not permitted. 

Please property disposed any trash that you bring into the facility.


Grievance Policy: 

 In the event any player, coach, referee, or administrator wishes to register a formal complaint regarding actions of another during the course of a NISC event, the following steps will take place:

Formal complaint must be made in writing and submitted to Jim Goudie

Hearing:  Every case shall be heard by the Conduct Committee in the presence of all parties involved, provided they appear.  The committee will review each case and implement disciplinary actions when it deems it appropriate.  Involved parties will be notified by the NISC management prior to the hearing.  The Conduct Committee shall be comprised of Nordic Soccer Senior Management, and at least one Nordic Soccer Board of Directors.  Matters that fall under the jurisdiction of Vermont State Soccer Association, or State of Vermont Amateur Soccer Association may be referred to the Vermont Soccer Association or Vermont State Soccer Association for further action.  Parties may appeal decisions rendered by the Conduct Advisory Committee.  The Conduct Advisory Committee will review each issue on a case by case basis.  All Conduct Advisory Committee decision on appeals will be final.